Hi! We are DOGA
We know the world is changing, that's why we build real human ideas
We want to create with our clients
Here, in DOGA, we are inspired by creating a unique and different brand experience with our clients, looking for results that you can see and receiving accompaniment that you can feel.
What do we do?
We offer a variety of services, in order to cover all the communication needs of your brand.

We are able to design and produce exhibition stands and advertising displays for your products.

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We can help you create your brand and make it reach your customers through the development of strategic campaigns.

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We use all the tools that technology offers to make your brand communicate with your clients in new, instant and effective ways.

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We develop BTL activities that will potentiate the communication of your brand with your clients and employees

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Our team loves to imagine, design,
plan and implement
Let us tell you a bit more about how we do it
Tell us your needs.  We will listen
  • Business needs
  • Research
  • Insights
We think and design a strategy
  • Measurable ideas
  • Multi – channel solutions
Let’s get it real
  • Production
  • Logistics
We study the experience
  • Measurement and optimization tools
  • Documentation and reports
A profesional team
Meet the people that make it happen

Francisco Dominguez

Business Developer

I am a communicator with experience in lots of areas, such as music, visual arts, events and marketing. In 2014 I had a strange idea that I named as Doga Marketing, paying tribute to my two last names, as well to a small instinct to create an agency that could compete in different markets. That is how we are here today, believing in a great dream built among with an incredible team.

Omar Cataño

Multimedia Designer

I'm a designer and illustrator, all I need to be inspired to create, is a playlist of Indie Rock music. I'm obsessed with communicating ideas through art, music, cinema and literature. These different genres of ideation and expression, drive my own passion for learning and creating.

Viviana Varón

Graphic Designer

I'm a graphic designer, overthinker and a compulsive candy eater. I enjoy create and transform visual things around me, create brands and experiences.</p> <p>.

Write us, so you get to know more about our services: doga@doga.com.co,
or use our contact form.